Stitch Relaxing!

One of the independent authors I interviewed on Stitch Says ( has set up a book directory – a place for authors to lodge their websites and promote their books! Well done Charlie – you can check out her interview here:

To lodge your own books or check out what books you could purchase check out the directory here:

This is a great idea and the more who post and blog about it the better. I am all for authors helping promote other authors. After all we are writers not marketing people. I find it difficult to market my books, I try really hard. It’s just as soon as you try to promote your own work people seem to switch off. Which isn’t really fair. I only blog because I am an author. I know lots of people have enjoyed my blogs and that’s great. Hey guess what you would enjoy my books too!!!!! So I’m just saying! Help each other out. I’ve lodged my books on the directory you can find them at:

Would love other authors to comment on their own marketing experiences, what works? What is the best thing you have done? How can we help each other?

In the mean time if you are an author and would like an interview or a review you can check out my blog for that at Stitch Says (! Email me at and we’ll promote our work together!!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!