My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Recently on one of the face book groups – the chapter book challenge or the chaboocha – there was a discussion about planning a story and what people do. Last week I posted my steps to writing. However I think it is important to focus on how you outline. To me it’s a bit like planning a term of teaching. I used to be a science and physical education teacher for reception to seven. That meant I had ten or so classes up to three times a week. Now I know at Uni I got taught to do lengthy lesson plans. While these can be good and are easy if you are working with someone else, they take time. So I used to plan my lessons by dot points. That way I had a weekly planner and I could make sure I kept each class on track. I plan my chapters this way too. Some dot points to direct the chapter. Reminders to focus your self. Then I write, but I never delete my notes. That way I can go back and address the points, see if I missed anything. See if I added something and if it was in the right place. That sounds pretty organised! The truth is I only get so much time to write, so I have to make notes when ideas they happen. I keep a note-book for each story and often will carry that around with me. My back pack for work, sporting events, kids sports and other outings will often have a notebook and a pen. You never know when you need to write something down. I also use sticky notes on my phone, so if I need to remind myself of something I can do it at anytime. Photos are also great. I love my camera – and my phone. Ideas are so easy to collect. It’s just finding the time to go through them all.

Sometimes I get on a huge writing roll and just write. It flows and time seems to disappear. That’s the best. Today I got on one, but it wasn’t a story it was a new training unit for Labs ‘n Life. All about dog behaviour. My brain is still buzzing and the notes are typed, so I’d better do something with them now so I can enjoy my two hours of writing time tomorrow. Until tomorrow – have fun!