My four year old daughter wrote her first book today! It went something like this:

Obi, Stitch and Tug and Rory.
Three dogs went out.
they looked for bananas.

Okay so it’s a working process. She says Obi, Stitch and Tug find Rory in the bananas and then take them home. They put the bananas in their bowl because they are hungry and fruit is good for you!!!

I love it, and will keep it for later in her life, not to embarrass her, but just to share.

My eldest daughter wrote her first story at school last year (reception), also aged four. It was a bit more abstract, but went like this:

The Playground.
Me and Karly went to the playground.
The bridge.
The wind.
More Wind.
An elephant.

I asked her what the elephant was doing in the playground – she told me he was making the wind!!!!

Anyway it got me thinking what was my first story? when cleaning up the other day I found a book I made in about year three. It was called The Daggy Princess. It was okay. I may even blog some of it later. So today I want to know do you remember the first thing you wrote? Be brave put it in the comments, let’s have a laugh!
Until tomorrow – have fun!