My boys:
Obi – he’s ten, which amazes me everyday. He has the best smile ever and is getting quite cheeky in his old age. As a pup he loved to please and show off. He’s done well in obedience trials and the like, but his best ability was always playing the clown. Now he comes out and watches, he still loves the kids and shows off, but he just supervises the other dogs. I’m pretty sure he really thinks Labs ‘n Life is a boot camp for him to train the others!


Stitch – okay his head wouldn’t fit on this chair now, but he is still just as cute and certainly as sweet. Never met such a beautiful boy, who loves to work and wins hearts everyday. He’s a big boof head with and even bigger heart!

Stitch Relaxing!

My dogs are very special, not only to me, but also to the young people they work with. Still I feel incredibly blessed to have them in my lives and in the lives of my daughters. They complete our family in every way!
Until tomorrow – have fun!