Party time

A short blog tonight – I have hay fever gone crazy and I have spent the day in Neverland. Well not quite. I have spent the day organising my daughter’s birthday party. It’s her first big party with just her friends and she wants to go to Neverland. Or rather have me make Neverland in out yard. So I have been making signs for the pirate ship in pirate cove (the sandpit), Tinkerbell’s Workshop (the cubby house), Mermaid’s Lagoon (the trampoline), the mysterious river (somewhere soon) and of course Neverland itself. I have also started to put together the Neverland Quest. Which in true to my daughter rhymes. Everything has to rhyme for her, all her stories, even the invitation. So I am off to make the clue scrolls and check the booty.
Tomorrow is my writing day – yipee! I have some work to do on the Text revisions for The Homework Goblin – pretty exciting to be getting that process started, can’t wait until it is out. Book number three!!!
I also have some marketing to look at – some new things coming up, will post soon. Until tomorrow – have fun!