My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

I love hearing from other authors about their actual writing process. It’s great to get ne ideas and to try new things. I’ve blogged before about the complete re-write I did last year for my NaNoWriMo novel. While this was a good experience and I think for that longer novel it worked really well. Although I am still putting the two together and editing. Editing takes me a while (whole other post), but I am happy with it. That is not my normal way of writing. Here’s what I normally do:
1. I have a note-book where jot down ideas, characters and locations (also a computer folder for photos)
2. When an idea has developed further I start a computer folder for that story
3. Collate photos, notes, research (particularly if I am setting the story in a real place or time in history)
4. Begin writing – just write and keep writing
5. Basic chapter outlines (after my first write – to focus the story line)
6. Complete skeleton draft
7. Put it away for a while (might be a day, week or longer if needed)
8. Re read and edit (adding in extra, sorting out inconsistencies)
9. Get the story assessed (either formally or informally) – someone else reading is really helpful
10. Take suggestions, edit, re write parts if required
11. Number of re-writes depends on the length and complexity of the story
12. Have the story edited – prior to submission to publisher (I did this for the first time with The Homework Goblin), makes life easier.
13. sit back and enjoy the publishing process.
14. Read your own book!!!!
15. MARKET!!!!

That’s pretty much it. Length of time varies because it is a hobby for me and also the length of the story will have some affect. Of course writing short stories (picture books) can be more challenging that longer books. I am yet to have one of my shorter picture books published, hopefully one will be ready by the middle of this year…

Currently Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh is at point 8. So basically I am ready to really put it together for the Chapter book Challenge (ChaBooCha) in March!

So while there is absolutely no right way to write I think it’s good to share and always to learn. So what’s your writing process???
Until tomorrow – have fun!