Where does the weekend go?
Let me think, we started off with swimming, then a trip to our fav bakery for a treat. Then shopping and cleaning. That pretty much takes saturday. Of course I also washed the dogs, did all the bed sheets and managed to write a blog – possibly in my sleep. Then today – well walking the dog, a birthday party (We have one every weekend for the next month) then making food for the week. Now the lunches are made, kids almost in bed and I have a volleyball match to play. So while it seems like I’ve done nothing, I’ve actually done a lot. I guess I just feel like nothing, because it was pretty ordinary. Still the weekend is well at its end. At least I can hit a ball around to finish, hopefully on a high note. It will as always be a laugh at least.

No monday blues for me though, very busy week ahead. Hopefully I will get some good blog material and some time to actually write! Until tomorrow – have fun!