As an author I often get asked “Do you ever get writer’s block?” and “What do you do?”

Rigger and Obi

I have to admit not everything I write is about my dogs… no really. Although I think to date there is a labrador in every book I have written – certainly the three published!!! Hey it’s my thing. Seriously though I don’t really ever suffer from writers block simply because of the dogs. If I need material I just go to work. For example my new character in Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh is Rigger. Now Rigger.. I love this old boy, but sometimes he can be a goof ball. Recently he barged his way out of a crate. In the process the door swung back and hit him in the eye socket.The left on to be precise. Well his owners were very concerned. he hadn’t opened it for days. They had been treating it with cold packs and prescribed pain killers, but there was not much else they could do. He was not happy, cringing whenever one of the other dogs came near. So they went to extreme. Giving him his tablet in ice cream and letting him sleep on the bed because it was softer for his face. Then friday comes around. Rigger was not going to work because of his injury. Well he obviously didn’t like that idea so when his human wasn’t looking he snuck out and jumped in the car. So he came. their theory was at least I could look at him and see what I thought. It was suspected that the eye socket was fractured – that’s how serious. So Rigger gets to work the crate is opened and out jumps Rigger, who runs over to me for a cuddle. he then proceeds to roll on to his back for a tummy rub. Both eyes are clearly open and he is grinning like a goof ball. he acts as my demo dog, even jumping up on me at one point – which as he is 9 years old and not a jumper shows just how good he is feeling!!!! No eye problems here, no pain, no depressed dog, nope none of that, just Rigger! I must admit the eye was still weeping a bit and I suspect it is bruised – not fractured. Still he was clearly milking it for all it was worth. And the say dogs are not smart!!! Too smart for their own good! Of course Rigger didn’t get any more ice cream or to sleep on the bed last night – so maybe not that smart…

One day I will tell you about Rigger’s sister – Bella, now she could have a whole series of books just about her.

I guess that’s a huge advantage for me I have too much material. The problem comes from putting it all together. Guess I should get back to it, or maybe I could just go and watch my dogs!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!