No Stitch is far too cute to be a villain, but could this be his super hero disguise???

I might be strange, but I love the villain. My favourite will always be Captain Hook! He’s so evil on so many different levels. You also have to admire the Queen witch and Malificent. They are evil to the core. So why do I like villains? I think because as characters they are often more complicated than the heroes. There’s always a back story as to why they became villains in the first place. After all no one wants to be evil, things happen to make the villains. It’s these mysteries that a great writer slowly evolves into the story as the villains become undone by our heroes. Don’t get me wrong I like to see them defeated in the end, I’m not evil. I just like good stories. So how do I create my villains?

Well I’ve had a few, but I’ll start with the monster in Ghostnapped! Spoiler alert – buy the book and read it if you don’t want the surprise ruined, although I will give away no endings here.

I had fun creating this monster. It’s actually not one creature. It comes from the oceans of Rapid Bay here in South Australia. This area is home to one of the most endangered little creatures – the Leafy Sea Dragon. Now for those that are unfamiliar with this creature it is basically a sea-horse. Except it looks like a leaf, has branch type limbs. It’s small and kind of cute. So how do you make it into a monster? Well you put millions of them altogether and form one humongous leafy sea dragon. Picture that! Pretty scary, well the kids who have read my book think so. Now the next question, my favourite question, (unless my girls are asking it) why? It’s pretty simple, their habitat is being destroyed by the limestone mine. So they decide to fight back!!!

Alright let’s move on to Obi the Super Puppy…
This villain is faceless, it is the evil red mist. It can possess animals, toys and even (in the sequel) people. In the first book it possesses a german short hair pointer (GSP). This poor dog has lost its family and so naturally turns its evil attention towards Obi and the breed of Labrador’s in general. Why pick on the labs? Well retrieval trials can be pretty fierce and the competition is usually between the Labs and the GSP – it’s a natural thing. Still who wins out? does Obi or is there a nice surprise at the end? Not giving away all my secrets!

So moving on to my next book – The Homework Goblin.
Mmmm let me think the evil character in that…. well okay that’s pretty obvious. It’s a goblin, small, green, scaly and it steals homework. No real back story here, it’s just a fun, simple story. I mean we have all told lies about why we haven’t done our homework!

Finally where do I go for the sequel to Obi, which is after all the book I will be writing for next months chapter book challenge.
Well it’s still the evil red mist. This time it is possessing children, to such a point that they don’t like dogs… That’s evil beyond belief in my book. Still who is behind the red mist? Will we find out? Will Obi and his friends be able to stop it???

I can’t answer that yet, because I don’t know!!! Hahahahaha, I’m sure it will come to me soon. Actually from writing this blog I have some ideas, so until tomorrow – have fun!