My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

I often get asked “How do you find the time?” Well I know it’s difficult. I work part-time (although that seems to mean I work full-time without the pay – sometimes, learning to say NO!!!), am a mother of two highly active girls, have a husband, a house to maintain, a fitness schedule I like to keep and books I like to read. I also do author interviews and reviews on my other blog and I have two published (and one unpublished) books to market. So yep it can be hard to find the time to write, edit or let’s face it do something for me. So at the beginning of this year I made a decision. Wednesday afternoons I have no kids. The big one is at school and the little one has afternoon kindy. That means I get two hours to myself. So it’s simple. I do not turn on my work phone, ignore all work emails, do not answer my other phone (unless about kids), completely ignore housework, cooking and any other distraction. Then I sit and write / edit and focus on what I need to do and only what I need to do. It takes practice, but is so worth it. Two whole hours of my own writing….. Which means I better get on with it, would hate to waste a second. Until tomorrow – have fun!