Thankyou to my student who did this photo for me![/caption]Okay so as I am planning Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh I thought I woudl blog the opening paragraph. Bear in mind it is completely un edited, but let me know what you think…

“Tell us the story of Rigger,” demanded Maddy.
“Yeah, Obi, please,” added Aijay.
Obi looked at the girls as they took turns throwing a ball for Stitch, their oversized puppy. Stitch faithfully bounced back and forth between the girls. As he ran his whole body wriggled from his thick tail, all the way through to his big boofy head. Stitch’s huge ears flopped back and he grinned, with is large tongue rolling out to one side. Obi couldn’t help but laugh, it certainly brought back memories. Stitch did look a lot like his great uncle Rigger. Just as Obi was thinking this Maddy threw the ball high over the retaining wall and up onto the grassed area. Stitch bounced off after the ball, too fast to turn the corner and head up to the lawn. His back end overtook his front end and he skidded into a golden heap. Stitch untangled himself, shook and took off after the ball, this time in the right direction.
‘He’s going to take some training…’ thought Obi, ‘Just like Rigger’.

So there it is: The photo was done by one of my students, but I think it really puts the relationship between Obi and Stitch into perspective!

Thankyou to my student who did this photo for me!

Until tomorrow – have fun!