I often get asked “where do you start writing?” For me it’s really a case of the story developing either through a character or a location. Often it’s a bit of both. They sort of build each other. Sometimes I will just have a character growing in my head, I will write notes as I go and the story develops from there. That is lots of fun because you really get to know your character. Recently I did a re write for the NaNoWriMo. Now I did a complete re write, I had a completed draft prior to the month. However it needed so much work that I decide to try to write it again without looking at the first draft. Later I put the two together and I found a much more complete story. My characters had developed better. It was an interesting activity, one I will try again!
If a story grows from a location then I do things a bit differently. I will take my camera with me on holidays, day trips, weekends. Happy snapping is a great way to develop a story. Ghostnapped came from a camping trip and my characters developed because of the location. This was particularly fun when I invented my monster – very cool if I do say so myself and right from the local environment! You should check it out because I don’t want to spoil anything!

Obi number two is a different type of story for me. I know my characters, they come to work with me! So I have to develop them differently. I need to translate doggy behaviour and make a story from that. The difference between the Obi books and other dog books is the way the action is developed. In other dog books I have read the dogs does human things. However in Obi all my dogs have human type reasons for doing doggy things. Minor, but essential. Any way that’s off topic. If I know my characters where do I start? With and interview. This is one a wrote when trying to get the Obi and Rigger characters to work together – it’s un edited and probably terrible, it’s more about the process. See what you think:

S/W Ver: 96.66.76R

Obi: Sit, Rigger, Sit…. No stop wriggling, SIT
Rigger: huh?
Obi: Finally, tell me what’s the best part about being in a book?
Rigger: I’m in a book?
Obi shakes his head, some interview he thinks. Still he continues… Yes, my sequel, you know our first adventure together…
Rigger: Oh that book, pretty cool. You’re the star.
Obi: Of course, you’re the muscle!
Rigger: hahahaha yep, what’s Stitch?
Obi: the comic relief! So tell me about our roll in the adventure?
Rigger: You’re sidekick. Oh and distraction so you can do the sneaky stuff.
Obi: Ah you have learnt well. Do you enjoy your job?
Rigger: Yep, I’m a Labrador, I enjoy everything. As long as I get a bone and a cuddle it’s all good!!!
Obi: That’s about right. Alright some quick ones, give me speedy responses to these words
Rigger: gotcha
Obi: Food
Rigger: pigs ear
Obi: time of day
Rigger: bed time
Obi: friends
Rigger: all of you
Obi: Puppies
Rigger: baby sitting
Obi: work
Rigger: yeah right
Obi: Labs ‘n Life
Rigger: fun
Obi: our author – Ashley Howland
Rigger: fritz, oh and cuddles!!!
Obi: that about wraps it up mate, thanks for joining me!!!

Until tomorrow – have fun!