The problem with writing about other people’s dogs is they get thingy about their pets. I understand, I mean I completely get it. There is a door sign I have seen that says “I like my dog more than most people” Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say most, but certainly some. The thing about dogs is they are completely loyal, don’t care if your over weight, lazy, grumpy or just sick of everything. As long as their getting a pat and some food well life is pretty good. So how do you write about other people’s dogs and not offend them???

It’s something I get away with only because the dogs I write about are all in Labs ‘n Life. Which means I work with them a lot. So that gives me an insider view if you like. You see most of these dogs think they belong to me. I love each and every one of them and know them very well. Let’s face it Labradors do wear their hearts on their sleeves so to speak. So if I talk about any of these dogs it’s from first hand experience. Now don’t get me wrong they have their moments and can get quite stubborn. For example this week I had to tell Tug’s family that he is a bit overweight. Then I had to tell them he wasn’t working well, refusing to sit and drop. So to be blunt he’s fat and stubborn!!! Imagine a teacher saying that about your child? The thing is Tug’s family know how much I care for the dog and how my passion for what I do is boundless. They also know that Tug loves me. They say my name and even from being fast asleep he will get up and run to the door. Still he needs to lose weight and work better!

Any way my point is I have to know my dogs so that I can write about all their little habits and personality traits without offending their owners. Let’s face it I wan them to buy the book!

I must admit it was difficult writing about Obi. He has an uncanny confidence in himself. More than lots of our other dogs, but he isn’t arrogant. It’s sort of like the world is okay because I’m in it, but only because you love me!!! If that makes any sense. He was difficult, but Stitch may even be harder. Stitch is a goofy boof head. He’s huge, but he’s a princess. He won’t walk on prickly grass, hides behind me at any strange sound, won’t eat something my husband throws at him and will duck his head a lot. Still I’ve also seen the other side. Last week we had a new student, she was a little un certain about the whole thing. I handed her Stitch and said take him for a walk. Well Stitch turned on the charm, fluttered his eyelids at her, obeyed her every word (even though she was giving the wrong commands), made her giggle by doing a goofy dance and trotted along with her like she was the best show handler in the world. Needless to say the girl was so happy and can’t wait to get started. Stitch, my little man is a princess and a sook, but he has an amazing heart! It’s all these things that make me really understand my characters. SO I can write about them, I do so with passion and pride.

I will admit it is also nice to write about things other than my dogs, but this is about setting up my sequel to Obi, so it’s a dog’s blog!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!