Today’s blog is all about the dogs – oh and the kids. So my first character in Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh is of course Obi. He is a ten-year old Labrador. However this story is probably set two years ago, just after his eighth birthday, for reasons I will explain soon. Once again this story will be Obi telling my girls about an earlier adventure. In fact the adventure follows on from the first book. Once again Obi will have to fight the mysterious red mist, except this time it is possessing children and making them angry!!! Obi clearly needs help, enter character two:

The Big Rig!:
Rigger and Obi<

Pictured here with Obi is his best labby mate in the world – Rigger. He is now nine years old. So in this story we get to meet the adult Rigger and hear all about the crazy goofball puppy Rigger. There will be photos. I will do a character interview blog later, ideas are buzzing.

Of course Obi needs to be training another super puppy, so here my little man Stitch gets his first gig in one of my books. The reason this is set on Obi's eighth birthday is that's when we got Stitch.
Stitch and Obi
Stitch is with the girls as Obi tells them about the adventure. He adds his little puppy comments and gets trained in the process. Stitch’s adventures will happen later, for now he is learning.

Maddy and Aijay – once again the girls are listening to their beautiful dog. They love hearing about his adventures and adding their own parts along the way. They will have their own adventure later, but get a more active part in this book. I enjoyed writing my girls into the book. It’s fun to put what they say and do into the context of the story. They love me reading about them too, although they like to tell be what’s true and what’s not. Funnily enough they have never questioned the fact that Obi can talk to them???? Maybe he can?

There will also be brief appearances from Max, Indy, Secret Agent, Trinity, Flirt and Mack. The Labrador adventures really kick off now that Obi is an offical super puppy. So much fun writing about all these guys, who could each have their own books. There is however only so much time.
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Now that I’ve posted this I have so many ideas I think I’ll go and do some writing!!! Until tomorrow – have fun!