What will you do to energize yourself for 2013?


So a month ago I decided this year was one where I was going to achieve lots. One month in – how am I fairing? Pretty good. I have completed everything on the work side of life that I need too and am ready to get back into instructing tomorrow. There’s a lot to do and a few discussions that need to happen, I will not be working more than my paid hours this year, there are too many other things I need to achieve. On the writing side I am on the way to having The Homework Goblin published. This week I approved the back cover, so it’s down to text and front cover. I am also about to start an author blog challenge (tomorrow) in which I intend to plan my chapter book for the challenge I am doing in March. I have also begun editing my other two manuscripts. So looking good there. The one place I continue to lag is marketing. I do everything I can, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to result in sales. I am half way through a program with my publisher, and yet to see any real results. I have some ideas though, so hopefully sales of my first two books will pick up and the third will start well. Lots to do here though!

On a more personal level I have taken the muchkins ice skating, to the zoos, helped them write stories, made books, got back into gymnastics and settled into school and kindy. We have had lots of fun as a family and the planning of big munchie’s birthday is well underway. Lots of fun still to have.

So far I have to say my year of energy has been a success. I am firmly back into my exercise routine, semi getting eating under control – always needs focus. I feel fit and healthy though, so it can’t be too bad. There has to be room for improvement somewhere.

Okay month one is a good start, now how to keep it up for the next eleven. That’s easy I’m going to take a leaf out of my dog’s books. These four beauties are my team. Tug, Stitch (big head, I know), little Rory and the star of my writing Obi. They have the best attitude to life. When it’s time to work they put their heart and soul into it. When it’s time to play they give it their all. Then when it’s time to rest they snore and sleep like there is no tomorrow. There is no rat pace with these dogs. Basically if it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing with energy. That’s how I am going to keep this up for the next eleven months.

To all those who have joined me on the first part of this journey I thank you, it’s been great to read your comments. I hope you continue to join me, I intend to keep reading your posts too. That is after all why