Benjamin Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Do you agree or disagree?

My puppy Stitch would certainly agree with that – after all his boundless energy used to conquer Obi all the time. Now he gets conquered by Rory and the other puppies, that is until they finally poop out! Then the big boys show they have the real power. They hide it well when the puppies are around, but their energy can conquer up to twenty kids in one day. It amazes me that even in the third and final session of a day our labs will still run around and oval, do all the obedience tasks, pull the kids around if they’re not paying attention, chase each other, bark, play and generally be loved! So yep in terms of a labrador working at Labs ‘n Life energy certainly conquers all. It’s just important to have time to recharge.
So does this work in human terms? I would say yes. Today my energy conquered the organisation service, lunch service, taxi service, cleaning service, homework service, reading service and never-ending repetition service that I run all day. In addition to this I also did a work out while the munchkins were at gymnastics and managed some editing!!! Yep energy conquers all and right now I’m conquered! Time to veg out and recharge with a good book! Until tomorrow – have fun!!!