My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

What reoccurring thought uses up a lot of your mental energy?
That’s easy it’s usually that I’ve forgotten something. I always remember the scene in the first harry Potter when Neville gets his rememball – I can’t remember what it is that I’ve forgotten!!! That’s me. Quite often, sometimes even more than once a day I am pretty sure I’ve forgotten to do something. Usually I’ve actually done it, or it really isn’t important anyway. Still I’m pretty sure I would have more mental energy if I didn’t waste so much on what I’ve forgotten. I try to do lists – I usually lose them ha! I even have a task manager on my phone – now that has actually been useful if I remember to write things into the program. I rarely forget to go somewhere, I am very good at keeping my calendar up to date ao that’s generally not an issue. I have note books everywhere, if only I was more organised. Still I don’t think I would be me and get half the things I do done if I was more organised. I’m pretty sure an organised person would look at my life and think – “you’re crazy to do all that” They would probably be right. For example at the moment I am doing this blog challenge, working, starting a new initiative at work, training staff, of course spending time with my girls, being a taxi service, coach, listening to them read, taking them to sport, playing games, walking the two dogs, writing a new book, editing two books, having one published and about to start my second blog challenge for the year. Not to mention going to the gym, playing volleyball and organising a 6th birthday party. So is it really any wonder I usually think I’ve forgotten something??? Still life is meant to be interesting, would hate to be bored. Still I’m pretty sure there was something else I was going to do tonight…. No idea, oh well, until tomorrow – have fun!