What emotion do you think is the biggest waste of energy and why?

To answer this question I take a leaf from my amazing dogs. They never get angry. If there is another dog hassling them or even challenging them they simply walk away. No I know not all dogs behave this way. Even some Labradors will show signs of anger and react. Not my boys though. They kind of give the other dog this look, as if to say “Why woudl you do that? What’ the point?” Then they just leave. Obi and Stitch are completely content that all is right with the world because they are in it! I watch them every day and I have to agree. There is not point getting angry. It wastes so much time, energy and brings up all sorts of other emotions that are just useless.
So how do we stop feeling angry?
Well when things go wrong just take a step back, breathe and think. There is always a soloution. Or if on the odd occasion there isn’t then really there is nothing oyu can do. My advice do not waste time, energy or give yourself into that feeling. It takes practice. Some things I find that help are exercise, getting fresh air, cuddling a puppy, doing something completely different or if all of that is failing then as a last resort I woudl suggest a bar of chocolate!!! Yep only as a last resort, but it works too. Of course I rarely get that far because I have Obi and Sitich to calm me down!
Until tomorrow – have fun!