What is your favourite thing to do when you lose energy in your home and can’t use electronics?
When you have no energy there really is only one thing I can do – EXERCISE!!! It might be going to the gym and sweating it out in a combat class or on the treadmill. Sometimes though even that’s too much effort. Those days it’s great to take the dogs for a walk. Fresh air really revives the weary soul. The problem with working your dogs during the day is they are absolutely stuffed when you get home. Even picking up their leads isn’t enough to make the move. Sometimes they are so exhausted they almost need a straw to eat their food. Well okay, not quite, they are Labradors after all. So on those nights I will do some exercise on the fit ball or bike outside. Yes sometimes I do it in front of the TV, but even when I really have no energy I make myself do something. For example today I ran and training and development session and it was another scorcher. So by the time I got home I was lacking in energy. Still I dragged myself to the gym, did a combat class and now I have enough energy to get this blog done and am looking forward to editing my next book!

Every now and then exercise is just not going to happen. Let’s face it we all have sloth moments. So what do I do then? Well that’s pretty simple, find a good book and lie down with my boys and read. The great thing about Labradors is they will keep you company even when you are doing nothing! Until tomorrow – have fun!