What is the most creative way you conserve energy in your home?
That’s quite a question to ponder. After yesterday’s post I could say we procrastinate a lot! Mmmmm we probably do, but that doesn’t really help. Let me think we do all the normal things, solar power, high efficient appliances, turning off TV’s at the power point, turning off lights and not leaving things running. That’s all pretty standard. I don’t like being normal and it did ask for creative ways so here’s a list:
Stitch inhales his food – conserving energy by not chewing
Kids conserve energy by not cleaning up
I conserve energy by wearing blinkers so I can’t see the kids haven’t cleaned up
Husband conserves energy by staying outside, therefore ignoring the mess
Obi currently conserving energy by only using all four legs when a walk is suggested
We all conserve energy by throwing everything in the dishwasher
I could say the dogs lick the plates clean, but that’s disgusting so no conservation there!!!
Writing, best way to conserve energy because I can escape into another world!

And the number one way we all conserve energy
Using a voice recorder for repeating ourselves!!!!

Okay some of that is true. Actually most of that is true, really should get around to doing those voice recordings. Would start with turn off the light, make sure the tap is all the way off and did you hear me???
Until next time – have fun!