My Little Man!!![/caption]Come up with a creative plan (and no, it doesn’t have to be realistic and scientifically-based — toddler on a hamster wheel, anyone?) to create energy once we use up our fossil fuels.

Okay this is making me think – not usually something I do on my blog! Any way I think the best way to create energy would be to have a machine (solar powered maybe?) that collects all the hours of procrastination from every single person and converts it into energy! That way the whole universe would never run out of energy. It would be a never ending source as I’m sure people will never stop procrastinating. The great thing about this is we could actively encourage people to procrastinate in order to gain more energy. Could you imagine your boss coming around and delegating everyone procrastination time? Might as well, people are doing it any way. At least this way procrastinating is useful. We could even have professional procrastinators!!!!
I can tell you if this was possible I would never pay another energy bill again. Plenty of procrastination points happening here!!! The main source of procrastination woudl of course be my kids and the dogs!!! Still I say it’s all worth it.
My Little Man!!!
Think I might go and produce some procrastination power now! Or I could actually do some work? Nope I think procrastination wins again! Until tomorrow – have fun!