How would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?
Sit Still Happens
An interesting question. I actually believe in a small way Labs ‘n Life the Not for profit organisation I work for is in the process of saving the world. Well the bit of it we can. You see we work with at risk youth to train Labrador Retrievers as companion dogs for children on the autism spectrum. So we are actually two fold. The at risk youth learn how to train the dogs and in doing so they help families with children who have autism. So it’s a win win situation. Not to mention how amazing our dogs are. The Labs ‘n Life dogs are different, because they are trained by young people. This means when we place them they actually understand the young person they are placed with. They naturally know when to play, when to cuddle up, when to prevent them from harm and even when to get help. They amaze us every day. As do the young people who train the dogs. So if I had a super power and wanted to save the world I would make sure every child had the opportunity to have a Labrador (no disrespect to other breeds of dogs!) in their lives that was as special as ours! This way everyone would get to learn the true meaning of being loved. Yep the key to saving the world is unconditional love. Love for who you are. Love where no one cares what mistakes you’ve made. Love you can completely count on. That’s what I would do, with a little help from my super hero Labradors!!!

Tasia, Tug, Rigger, Obi and Stitch ready to start work at Labs 'n Life

Tasia, Tug, Rigger, Obi and Stitch ready to start work at Labs ‘n Life