Now that’s and easy one – definitely speed. Speed to read, to type, to write, to edit to clean the house to make gym work outs quick. Think how much extra time you would have with that super power! Who needs strength? I mean laptops are light, cars are easy to drive, and even housework doesn’t need major strength. Speed would be the best super power ever. Just think I could get up, walk the dogs, make breakfast, get the kids dressed, vacuum the house, clean the kitchen and be ready to go to the gym all in a flash!!!

Plus speed is the theme of my beautiful boy Obi’s show name. He is called Quick Asa Wink!!! Can you guess why? Well that’s because his dad – Joel was blessed with the super power of speed! That’s right he was so quick to get to Dusty they had my beautiful boy! So yep Speed is the best super power – after all it made my super hero puppy!!!


Until tomorrow – have fun!!!