If you were a superhero, what would be your hidden superpower?
Okay so this was yesterday’s topic, but as I’m in Australia and always a day ahead I figure I can go backwards!!! So if I was a super hero what would my super power be? Well I would be super mum amazing cake decorator!!! I know that probably sounds lame. I have this thing though about birthday cakes. I think I should be able to make them, but somehow they never quite work out that way. I really don’t know what it is with me, but I just seem to overdo my ability every single time. To the point that while making a mermaid cake for smudge kin’s 4th birthday last year I managed to grate the top if my thumb off! Yep Ariel almost had blood red hair!!! Of course it looked nothing like Aerial, but my girl said she was beautiful – so all good!

Now my big munchkin likes to make my life interesting. Last year it was Snow White and the Seven Smurfs on a Pirate Ship. I mean really, good grief. Anyway I somehow managed it and it stayed together!!!
Snow White and the 7 smurfs on a Pirate Ship

Their latest craze is cake pops! Well this makes my life harder, while I can make a great tasting cake pop that holds together (no mean feat!), decorating is even more difficult. Well it is for us who completely lack in artistic talent! Here is my Christmas effort!

So as I am planning Munch kin’s 6th birthday party – she had ordered a Never land party and a crocodile cake this year, I wish I was Super mum amazing cake decorator!!! Hahahaha still they love them. Until tomorrow have fun!!!