My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

Today is a big day for me I am officially launching my new author website!!! You can check it out at: would love your feedback. The website is now linked to twitter, face book and of course my two blogs. I am really excited to have a great looking website for people to look at my books and of course the links to purchase them.

I also have to say my Stitch Says blog for author interviews and reviews will be very busy this year I have had a great number of people interested. I am looking forward to getting these interviews and reviews out there. Just be patient everyone, I will get to it soon.
On another note today I started back at work and have released my welcome to 2013 blog for Labs ‘n Life you can also check that out at: throughout the year I hope to keep everyone updated with the news and amazing feats of our dogs. So check it out.
That of curse means I am managing three blogs, and would love to do some of my own writing too – oh well never a dull moment! Come and join me on face book and twitter for all the action. Until tomorrow – have fun!