My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

The one thing I remember from Physics is that energy cannot be created; only transferred. So therefore when you really can’t be bothered doing something because you have no energy you have to transfer some. That means if you have no energy for writing then think of something really dull that would require energy. Maybe folding the clothes. Simply decide not to do that really boring task and use that energy to write!!! Does that work??? Probably not. Still sounds good. I guess sometimes you are just not in the mood to write. Generally I don’t push it too much. If there really is no energy then the writing will probably not be worth it anyway. One thing I do to prevent this happening is to do challenges. Last year I did two blog challenges like this one and the NaNoWriMo. The great thing about challenges is seeing targets and wanting to be successful. This little bit of pressure can go a long way and really help you get things done. So this year I’m starting with back to back blog challenges and then in March I am doing a chapter book challenge. So I need to be organised, motivated and have energy for this start to the year. I am also working on having my third book published and have two to edit, so that means if I don’t have the energy to write something new I grab one of these tasks and go with it. Often I find editing gives me ideas to continue writing with. So then I transfer that energy and get writing. Speaking of which I need to do some writing now! Until tomorrow – have fun!