My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

What part of blogging takes the most energy?

Well I love blogging, this is my third challenge. So I am in the swing of blogging everyday and with the dogs, kids and writing I certainly have plenty of material. The part of blogging that takes the most energy is posting it to the correct pages, web sites etc. Of course the other part which takes a lot of energy is reading everyone else’s blogs. Now I also love this bit, that’s the whole point of blogging anyway. It’s great to sit back and read what other people have to say, but is certainly takes time. I try and set aside an hour every day to do my blog, post it where it needs to go and read other blogs. I also try and leave a comment or like the blogs I read so others know their work is being read. I love it when people do the same for me, it’s nice to know what others think and that they have read your blog. Likewise I love when people let me know what they thought about my books. It’s great to hear that their kids loved reading them and if they didn’t like them well that’s fine too. Obviously it’s nicer to have positive comments, but the negative can only improve you as an author and a blogger. Just be nice about it!!! Until tomorrow have fun!