So today’s topic is a time when you used and incredible amount of energy and were completely exhausted. Mmmmm let me think I’m a mum so that would be everyday… Okay that’s probably extreme, but I certainly sleep well. Fortunately my two girls are good sleepers, crazy during the day yes, but sleep all night. That helps. Alright so a real time, well in my youth I was a sports trainer at a local football (Aussie Rules) club and I played state league/reserve volleyball. So my Saturdays consisted of turning up to football, strapping ankles, massaging and running drinks. Usually for half the reserve game. Then I would help prepare the league team and drive a few minutes (around the corner) to play volleyball. If I timed it right I would play my game and then head back to football to run drinks for the four quarters of the league football game. So after running drinks for six quarters of footy and playing volleyball I was certainly stuffed. I still liked to go out on a Saturday night, but the body would protest on occasions.

Speaking of complete exhaustion when my puppy Stitch started coming out to work with me at Labs ‘n Life he was supposed to rest. Being a puppy he hadn’t been trained, and really only came out because I couldn’t leave him home by himself and Obi at that stage was working. Of course Obi was my demo dog, so he’d show all the students everything. Well Stitch wasn’t having a bar of sitting on the sidelines. He would bark, which made it difficult to explain what the students needed to do. So eventually to shut Stitch up I’d just have him next to Obi and they’d demonstrate together. It didn’t matter what the task was if Stitch saw Obi do it once then he would do it. Amazing. There I was with a 12 week old pup that could recall, stay, touch the alarm, find the keys and even speak on command. Of course he was exhausted at the end of the day, even missed the bed sometimes!!!

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Until tomorrow – have fun!