2012-04-16_08-37-13_390Okay back on the prompts – so today’s topic is the song that gives you the most energy. I do have a MP3 player filled with various hits for gym work outs and long dog walks. It’s a great way of not thinking about what I am actually doing at the time and it’s generally the only time I really listen to music. However there are some songs I love, that give me a real buzz of energy. They also show me how magical life really is. It’s the songs my girls sing and they sing them a lot. We’ve just got over the Christmas songs, so there’s been lots of singing of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town and the Aussie Jingle bells. There is nothing better than listening to a four year old belt out the lines:
“Dashing through the bush in a rusty Holden ute, kicking up the dust, engines getting hot. We dodge the kangaroos… Its Christmas time and I am in my singlet shorts and thongs!”
Then of course there’s Mr Clicky Cane who plays a silly game and my personal favourite – the Animal song, which goes something like this:
There was a grizzly bear, a silver fox, eagle fly, an orangatang, a bunny, a Veasel (Weasel) and a crazy elephant…nananananana!
Add some actions and there is absolutely no way anyone can lack energy. It’s just too cute. So while I don’t use music when I write it certainly motivates me to enjoy life with a burst of enthusiasm.
Until tomorrow – have fun!