Sometimes when I am trying to get an idea for a story I just write silly little things, here is one of them:

What do you or your character have in your pocket? Go on, take a look. Think about why you have it in your pocket.

Well in my pocket you can usually find two things. The first is a nappy bag – yep you read that correctly, a nappy bag. There is a very good reason for this. I work at Labs ‘n Life. Where we work with at risk youth to train labradors as companion dogs for children on the Autism spectrum. So the nappy bag is to pick up after the dogs of course. So why a nappy bag??? Well the thing is that you can buy bags to pick up dog poo, but they are really expensive for some stupid reason. You can buy 200 nappy bags for $2. So it makes sense, there is also the added bonus that they are scented so make all things smell a bit less. Of course they also stay whole when accidently put through the wash. Not really sure this was part of their design specifications, but certainly comes in handy.

The second item that can be found in my pocket is uniquely South Australian, although other states and conutries have their own versions. It’s a bag of fritz (devon for other states, similar to spam for US I think?) anyway it’s meat. Ususally cut up into strips and in a bag. Mmm so why do I have fritz in my pocket? Ask Obi and Stitch:
Stitch and Obi
Quite simply it’s their favourite. So when they are getting “Trained” by the kids all day they get a special treat. So does Mack, Tug, Rigger, Flirt, Chizzell, Thorn, Echo, Diego….. the list goes on. Think We have reached the 100 mark in dogs. Anyway I’ve yet to meet a labrador that doesn’t love fritz!!!

So there you have it I could write a blurb like this and creat a character based on what’s in there pocket. It’s just for fun, but can really help. So what’s in your pocket???
Until tomorrow – have fun!