Stitch and his brother TugAt what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?
This is actually a really tough question. It changes for me. I wish I could wake up like my children – they are ready to go from the moment they open their eyes. Buzzing with the excitement of a new day and ready for action. Okay so it’s probably not fair as they generally have had about double the amount of sleep and don’t get woken up my me talking really loudly, playing with toys, arguing with each other etc. Certainly these things can factor how you wake up. They are never woken up by a 37Kg Labrador jumping onto your bed in a mass of wriggly excitment. So I would have to say I am not at my most energetic in the morning. Then during the day I have bursts of energy, but usually I am at work, so that takes lots of energy. I work outside with dogs and kids (more about that later – or see my Labs ‘n Life page), so I am physically active all day. Then it’s taxi service time for school pick ups and sports practice. So once I either get to the gym or actually sit down to do some writing it’s usually evening. I think over the years I have taught myself to have energy at this point in the day. Simply because I have to. So it’s not really a matter of what time during the day for me. It’s more about producing the energy to do things when I find the time, that way I am productive when I have to be! Speaking of which I need to do some work, so I am mustering up the energy to be productive! Until tomorrow – have fun!