There is nothing like getting some fresh air and taking the dogs for a walk. Of course my boys go to work with me so they are usually exhausted at the end of the day. So then for me it's off to the gym!I love doing a combat class after work. By the end of that I feel energised. Physically exhausted, but my brain functions much better. It’s lots of fun and I am very productive afterwards. This is usually the night I get most of my writing done, I just wish I could go more often.

If the exercise doesn’t recharge me then having a good old fashioned scream can help!!!! Well not really, isn’t it sounding your barbaric yelp? Still sometimes just letting go and shaking it all out is required.
It also helps to stay focused. As it’s the beginning of a new year I am trying to get focused now. I have my third book – The Homework Goblin in the process of being published as we speak – will launch that here in the next few months. I also have three manuscripts to edit. I am doing the March Chapter Book Challenge so I would like to get that story organised. I have a great idea buzzing, but need to start setting it up. Then there’s my two published books – Ghostnapped and Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. I am trying to set up a marketing plan for the year. So that’s difficult. Self promotion is not really my thing, but it is something I am determined to get better at this year. So watch out!!! Debating going to combat tonight, it's very hot here and I spent the day ice skating with the kids so my feet and legs are killing me. Still I should just do it! Until tomorrow – have fun!