Obi and StitchWhat thigs drain the most energy on a daily basis?
That’s pretty simple the things you have to do – house work, the daily taxi services, getting to work, packing up, making dinner, cleaning dishes, washing clothes. All those things drain the energy for the better tasks of life. It would be nice to say stuff the clean house, healthy food, but then it wouldn’t take long for me to get pretty angry with the state of things. I’m not the most organised person, nor the cleanest! However I do need to have things sorted otherwise I go insane. So how do you avoid draining too much energy doing these tasks?? Good question and if I had a real answer I’d probably have more energy!!! There are some solutions. I know some of my friends hire cleaners. The problem with this is you actually need a clean house for a cleaner to be effective. Now my house is not dirty, but there are things everywhere, mainly because of our active lifestyle. So a cleaner wouldn’t actually put things away, they’d just clean around them. I have two kids that can do that and they cost considerably less!!! Back to square one! I guess the biggest way to ensure these daily grind activities don’t take too much out of you is just to get in and get it done. Preferably before the munchkins go to sleep. That way when they are snoring, my house is semi clean and organised I can sit and write, edit or do the admin work I need to do. Oh and I can also use this time to do some exercise if I haven’t been lucky enough to get to the gym that day.

Luckily for me my combat class was back on today, so the exercise is a big tick. If I can just fold up the clothes, help the kids clean their tables and sweep the floor I may actually have some time to write tonight! By the way I’d love to say my dogs help with the daily tasks, but they probably create more. It would be nice to just lie in the shade, but there is always too much to do. I must admit it is nice to take a breath and watch the boys. They may be time wasters, but they are certainly peaceful. Until tomorrow – have fun!