Magic the Meerkat

Mmm where's my lunch?

Mmm where’s my lunch?

Happy new year everyone, hope you all started 2013 with a clear head and a healthy outlook. This year we decided to do something different, usually we would have quite a few drinks on new years eve and then be grumpy in the morning when the kids woke us up at 6:30. Not the best way to start the year off. So last night, we had one or two drinks, did see some fireworks, but got up this morning in a much better frame of mind. We took the kids to Monarto Zoo! It certainly wasn’t crowded, but it was refreshing to see some other families there too. We saw the baby rhino, cheetah and chimpanzee. We also watched the five lionesses set up an ambush, possibly for a poor unsuspecting fox! It was a really great start to the year, plus no grumping at the kids.
So what does this all have to do with energy? Well today as the first day of the NaBloPoMo the topic is where do you get your energy? It’s simple, the kids. They have such a great outlook on life. They sleep well, eat well and play well. I think those three things are sometimes fogotten as adults. Sure we have more pressure on us, there’s work, housework, family, constant committments, but our lives are so much better if we keep things in perspective. That’s my new year’s resolution anyway. Yes I will be taking the kids to all their sport, working (possibly even full time), fitting in my own sport, exercise, eating well, keeping a tidy house and yes editing and writing more books!!!!! Yep all that, so I need plenty of energy for the year. I’m going to take a leaf out of the kid’s book, eat well, sleep well and play well. Speaking of which I’m sure the kids and dogs are keen to go to the park – until tomorrow, have fun!!!