DSCF4269DSCF4265I love Christmas Lights, although they look much better in the snow. It’s also easier if you don’t have to wait so long for the sun to go down. Anyway we always check out some lights. It was time last night. Some people go all out which is amazing. We just have a few solar lights for the sleigh landing area, still it’s all good fun.
Tomorrow it’s off to the magic cave. I haven’t been there since I was a kid and can hardly remember it anyway. I just remember wanting to go there. It will be my girl’s first trip there and I can’t wait. The best thing about having kids is doing all the things you wanted to when you were young. Later in the week we are having our annual Xmas baking day – lots of goodies to creat. The girls have ordered a cookie Christmas tree, shape cookies, choc marsh truffles and lots more. I will post some photos later! Until then – have fun!