Yeah our Christmas countdown has begun. This means each night a drawer is opened and a new decoration is placed on the tree. This year we have also added a smurf lego advent for some extra fun. So far we have Hefty and a wall of lego! The girls love this time of the year. They get to listen to their Christmas songs, read their Christmas books and make lots of Christmas goodies. The Sleigh Landing Area is also up – very important. We have bo chimney, so Santa doesn’t land on the roof, but he likes the lawn. There is also a magic key for him to use so he can get in. Ahhhh my beautiful girls certainly have it all worked out. I hope they continue to keep the magic of Christmas well and truly alive for many  years to come.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Christmas tree has been up for a while, but now actually has some presents under it! This makes the girls pretty excited. They naturally know which ones are theirs, but also like to make sure everyone has at least one under the tree!

2012-12-01_13-35-48_845Whar Christmas would be complete without Frosty the snowman??? Okay we don’t have snow and most probably it will be boiling hot on Christmas day, still the family of snowmen look very cool!

DSCF4181There are lots of versions of Santa in out house, this was a favourite and he also has a friendly Elf to keep him company.

Elf And the last for now, the Sleigh Landing Area Sign. Which actually took me most of the year to make for my girls. They have big ideas for me over the next twelve months too! Good grief. Still it is all worth it for the smiles on their faces. We also started the Xmas baking as such. Although not much baking this weekend. We made chocolate marshmallow truffles – very yummy and I made some special ice cream cakes. Now it’s off to make more cookie dough for later in the week – until next time have fun!