My next character – Stitch!

I haven’t had time to blog, which is a shame. I love getting in and just writing about whatever has taken my fancy for the day. Life has been hectic. I spent last week on a conference in the beautiful Gold Coast. Yes I did actually attend the conference. Although I also managed to enjoy swimming before my buffet breakfast, going to the gym, having dinner by the pool and shopping. Oh and yes I worked. Some of the networks were made from the comfort of the pool, but I am sure Labs ‘n Life will benefit from this adventure. I also spent time writing. I am now over 36 000 words into my NaNoWriMo challenge and loving every second I can spend writing. I can see the finish line in sight, it is actually a fantastic way to go. I didn’t realise having a target would help me write so much, but I guess when you are swamped for time then targets are important. I am going to bring this into my writing for 201.  I think I will set myself a goal for each week as see how it goes. Any way enough for now, I have heaps of work to do from the conference and still more to write tonight. Until next time, which will hopefully be soon – have fun!!!!!