I took my girls to see Santa on the weekend. It’s always fun, my little one will still only go up if her big sister takes her. They love the whole Christmas thing, but it amazes me how it doesn’t matter how often I ask “What do you want for Christmas?” they always come up with something new for Santa!!!! So I’m standing there thinking I had finished the Christmas shopping, only to discover once again I have more to do. I wouldn’t bother too much, except they don’t actually ask for a lot. I also love the whole magic of Christmas, so you plea to Santa is obviously the thing you want most. Within reason of course. So Sunday I stood staring at the Barbie toys trying to get my little one to help Santa by telling me which one she wanted. She finally chose and we walked away. Then it was off to find a special pony. Now my big girl has a great imagination and I am convinced she made up this toy. Neither of us could find it any way. So I asked if she would like something else from Santa. Her response was “yes, but I’ve already asked him.” I told her I could call Santa and change it if she wanted. She agreed. I left them with Dad so I could go and call Santa!!!! Well I went and bought the Barbie and the Vet kit she had decided on!! The things you do.

Still if you don’t keep the magic alive while they are young what would the fun of Christmas be??? At least I have Santa’s phone number!

Until next time have fun!