We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Australia. Although it seems more kids are out trick or treating every year. While I don’t have a real problem with this (although my kids don’t and won’t do it) it seems Aussie kids don’t always understand what to do. For instance last year I had four kids rock up, knock on my door and chant “Trick or Treat” while dressed in school uniform! Now because we don’t actually do it I would suggest you make an effort if you are going to!!!! I also have a very simple rule, if my dogs bark you get nothing! So those kids who were banging saucepans surprisingly got asked to leave! So some friendly advice to Aussie kids wanting to go trick or treating – make a really big effort with your costumes and be polite! Any way although we don’t celebrate we are Australian and are always up for a party! Obi and Stitch got in the zone today! Until next time – have fun!