Okay well not quite although I’m sure I get close. At last count there were 91 dogs that have been involved in Labs ‘n Life over the past five years (including the pre program set up). Then of course we just had six more puppies and there are at least three more litters due before the end of the year. So I could well say that there are more than 100 dogs!!!!

For my 100th blog I thought I’d just share a few of my favourites!

The dogs are always up for a good party and they love to wear their party hats! So to celebrate my 100th blog here are some beautiful party shots!

Stitch loves to sing at the parties!!! He’s very musical!


Aussie parties are always fun, any excuse to have a BBQ. The boys especially love it when the snags fall off the plates!


And Finally as always have fun – this time Labby style and laugh with my monster Stitch!