As an author it’s easy – I write, I edit, I work with the publishers, I see my book in print and I celebrate. As a mum it’s also not rocket science – I make food, I clean, I wash, I run a no charge taxi service, I help with homework, I come up with craft ideas, I read and I play games. At work, well it’s all pretty simple – I collect dogs, I organise curriculum, I turn up on time, I run my sessions, I keep a sense of humour and I enjoy most of it. So in general life is pretty easy, really. In my spare time I go to the gym, occasionally watch TV and I read. Then comes the hard part, the part I find the most difficult of all! Selling myself!!!! Self promotion is difficult. I have tried many things. I have this blog and my Stitch Says blog (interviews and reviews). I have a face book page, I do twitter. I occasionally upload to You tube. I have done interviews, I have had a review of Ghostnapped and I do challenges. Does any of this actually increase sales? Who knows? Most of the books I have sold have been through word of mouth. I’d love to fit in library, school or book shop visits. I’m sure they work, but where do I find the time and how do you get started anyway? My biggest problem is I actually rarely tell people about my books. I always think people will get sick of me trying to sell them. However I am over that. I started a fundraiser with my work, where I will donate $1 from every book sold. I have started to tell people about my books. I’m an author and my books are good. They have been enjoyed by lots of kids and parents alike. I am now developing the ability to self promote! So there it is, pretty simple right. From now on I am an author and I market my books personally! Until tomorrow – have fun!

My next character – Stitch!