Wooohoooo I’ve got the writing bug back. My Obi sequel is finally coming together and I couldn’t be happier. It is titled: Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh! It is so much fun I get to introduce the world to Rigger, Trinity and Stitch. Maddy and Aijay are also back, listening to Obi’s second adventure. This one is really where the whole super hero dog thing gets going. There is so much to tell, that at times I have struggled to put it together, but it is now finally working. I have written 10 chapters and plotted out the rest of the story. Of course there will be lots of editing, but my aim was to have draft one finished by the end of this challenge. Which means by best guess four more chapters and I’m done. Hopefully I will get some time tonight, because the work is finally flowing. I love this part of writing, it is so great.

 It is also a lot of fun writing Obi. He is a great character, and has filled me with ten years of material. Of course Stitch, Rigger and the rest have also helped. There’s probably too much material. I will be plotting Obi number 3 as soon as this draft is finished. Ideas are buzzing, there’s work to do. Better get back to it, until tomorrow  – have fun!