Arrrrrrghhhhh, the last blog challenge I did fell right when I was madly writing midyear reports. So what do I do again, sign up for a blog challenge and then realize that right now I need to be writing reports! Which are time consuming, mind numbing and just plain annoying. They are an unfortunate evil when working with young people. I can’t complain about the actual reports – I designed them. As reports go they are quick, insightful and easily understood (if I do say so myself). It’s just that we have so many students! Which is another good thing!!!! Our students actually like getting their reports because often they are the only good ones they have ever received. The thing is no one fails Labs ‘n Life, if you turn up and have a go then you will do well. Most kids love it so much writing their report is easy. Others struggle, but everyone achieves something, so there is always a positive somewhere. My brain however does not always process things and after writing a few in a row you tend to lose the plot a bit. I’d much rather be working on my manuscripts, but alas I need to get them done! Better get back to it, until tomorrow – have fun!