It’s so funny, I’ve always known Obi is special. He’s so personable, loves everyone and is a real clown. That’s why he is such an important part of our lives and I am so glad he has been able to share his special talents through Labs ‘n Life. He really has made a difference to so many kids who really just need someone to not judge them and to love them. Any way when we decided it was time to get a puppy, he was always going to have big shoes to fill. Not intentionally, just because Obi is such a part of our lives. We also knew we needed our puppy to know Obi, so on Obi’s eighth birthday we brought home Stitch. this was not really the present Obi wanted at the time! In fact when Stitch used to go to sleep curled up with Obi, Obi would wait until he was snoring then, quietly slip away. It was very cute. When Stitch used to run under Obi and bite his back legs, Obi would stand still with this look on his face that said “Why me?” Oh how things have changed. Stitch is now two and Obi is ten. They are quite the pair. Stitch sleeps with his head on Obi’s back and if he is not around then Obi looks for him. Obi has had him trained from a pup to do things (like steal Obi biscuits!!!) and Stitch has happily obliged. Stitch is trained because of Obi, even as a 12 week old pup he was determined to demonstrate. If he saw Obi do it then he could do it.

So today it was no surprise that Obi and Stitch were the stars of the obstacle course. Seven tasks:

1. Press the alarm

2. Over the hurdle

3. Open the door

4. Through the tunnel

5. Pick up the keys

6. Weave through the cones

7. Catch a piece of food from 2m

Obi loves obstacle courses and bounced through it on one word commands like a six month old pup. Stitch is a bit bigger, so a bit slower, but not by much.he also bounced through it with a happy grin. It made me sit back and think. How lucky are we that we have had Obi in our lives. Now we are just as lucky to have Stitch, sure he has learnt from the master, but we all have. Stitch has filled those big shoes and continues to do so everyday. He is a big boof, that has a heart of gold. My special boys are amazing! We are very lucky and so are the students we get to share our dogs with.

Until tomorrow – have fun!