So far, so good. I’ve made it to the halfway point of the blog challenge without missing a day, pretty  happy with that. So are half of my goals complete? Probably not. Any way it’s been fun. Thought today I’d post some writing tips for authors, young and old. Here are some ways to break writers block, get new ideas or just enjoy writing:

1. Write the same paragraph from two opposing voices (ie one from a happy voice, one from a sad voice). It’s actually a lot of fun and really makes you think about your narrator’s voice.

2. Just write non-stop for two minutes – see what you come up with, it might be garbage, it might be the next best seller!!!

3. Go for a walk, take some photos – come home and write a story about your photos!

4. Make a list of all the things you can think of about one topic – could even be an A,B, C list. Brainstorming is a great way to get ideas.

5. Listen to some music – write whatever comes into your head.

Obi waves goodbye, Little Man Stitch watching his big pal!

6. Captions for photos also give you a great idea about the characters (could be used for illustrations to!). 7. Interview your own character. 8. Stage a scene between two opposing characters – a debate about a topic if you like. Write the argument or discussion and it may lead to a whole story. 9. Go on a holiday – experience new places, people and events. Keep a journal, take photos. 10. Dig out an old story that has sat there unfinished for ages. You never know what you have been sitting on! And of course as always have fun!!!!!