For a while today I thought I’d just made a bigger mess. However now it actually looks a lot better. This time round I have actually thrown out, sold or donated stuff! If I don’t use it I’m getting rid of it. So far I have got rid of the kids small clothes, some books and plenty of recycling. Now I just need to convince the kids to part with some of their old toys. Not so easy, they like to hang on to stuff, even though they never play with it. I may have to be a mean mum and do it while they are at school and kindy. Mmm okay so I’m not that mean yet, but Christmas is coming so I’m sure I can convince them that Santa sent me a letter, he requires all old unplayed with toys gone before Christmas??? Could work, they believe Santa a lot more than they believe mum! Maybe because he’s nicer?

Speaking of Christmas I thought I should find the craft kits I bought last year and saved. To my surprise I have heaps of stuff for the girls to make and do this year. Looking forward to it. The only difference is this year they are hardly ever home. Guess that just means we need to make and early start. Each year we make different things, and the old favourites and the week of Christmas we have a big cooking day. The girls have already requested marsh mellow truffles, ginger bread (house, my even attept the sleigh?), chocolate chip cookies (for Santa), shape cookies, ice cream cakes and cake pops. I’d better start collecting bits and pieces for that too. Oh and yeah stop eating for the next ten weeks so I can enjoy. Hahahaha, if only. Christmas is kind of crazy around here, but we all love it. Lots to make, lotst to do, and lots of fun! Will post as I go this year.

Better get back to my cleaning. Until tomorrow – have fun!