So you’re probably getting sick of the dogs by now – but they are such a big part of my life I thought I’d share some stories. Working with animals and children is supposed to be a big no. However it’s so much fun! Well most of the time. When the kids are actually responsible for the dogs then it’s fun. On the other paw, so to speak, it’s not so much fun when the kids take the dogs for granted. I guess the problem is our dogs are so good the kids just expect them to do the right thing. In reality the dogs like to let their hair down too. So sometimes we get storiess to tell that are funny after the event.

Tasia, Tug, Rigger, Obi and Stitch ready to start work at Labs ‘n Life

For example I once sent a child off to find another student who hadn’t arrived. I told them to take their dog and made sure they had a bag to pick  up anything if required. Well this dog unfortunately had to go and dropped one in the middle of the science lab. The kid, not so responsible, looked around, didn’t think she got caught and ran. Well they had a fun science lesson, meanwhile the student was sent back to clean up!

Today I had kids working their dogs quite well, quite responsibly. When it started to pour and hail. Now no one wants to be around wet dogs, and no one wants to work in hail. So I asked the kids to take the dogs to the classroom while I grabbed the gear. Of course all the gear needed to be collected. The students were unsupervised for five minutes. So they decided to let the dogs off the leads in the room. Our dogs are all friends,  but give them and opportunity and they will make the most of it. They certainly did, crazy dog play is fun to watch! However not so fun when they spill out into other classrooms! Arrrrggghhhh! I tell you I don’t think the saying should be never work with animals and kids. It should be never work with kids!!!! Ha, well okay I do actually love my job and most of the kids are great every session. We all have our moments though! Until next time – have fun!