Wow, that’s all I can say! I have had my first kid free day that I’m not actually meant to be working in five and half years!!!!! Oh the things I have done. I have been to the gym, cleaned out the bathrooms, cooked dinner, done the washing, organised some work, sorted the equipment I need for work and some sorting of my manuscripts. I have just emailed off two manuscripts and my tales 2 inspire entry for editing. so that’s a big step. I’m terrible with the whole editing process. My brain works faster than my typing so there are always errors, and I skip them when I do re reads. So an editor for me is an absolute must!!!! I have also printed a draft of my sequel to Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. It’s not quite done, but I am feeling much better about it at the moment. Over the next few weeks on these kid free days I will get the draft finished. I am also aiming to finish my edit of It’s What you Do Next That Counts. I would  love to be sending that one off for editing early next year.

My next character – Stitch!

Looks like 2013 could be a really exciting year for me as an author and a mum! I know that might sound crazy, but I think getting some time to sort myself and house will make me a better mother. I love my girls, they are incredible and we do a lot together, but I am now in need of some space. I have always worked, that is the only reason they have been at childcare. Work has been my sanity, but there is very little time to do something for yourself when you work and are a mum. So now my little one is at Kindy I am going to take some time before I increase my work hours. Selfish or not, I am due. Funnily enough a lot of my plans include organising things for my girls, wouldn’t have it any other way! For now though I am going to actually read a book for half an hour before I head off to pick them up and take them to Gymnastics! Until tomorrow – have fun!