Currently I am working on too many projects, as per usual. However one that is particularly challenging is my Tales 2 Inspire entry. This is a challenge because I don’t generally talk up what I do at work or the connection that has made with my writing. So to actually put this into words is quite difficult. I have a lot of work to do on this entry, but I thought I would post the start today and hopefully some of you can give me some feedback. So here goes:

 It’s a Dog’s World:

Growing up my idea of a dog was a yellow Labrador. My mind could not be changed, and although I loved the pet beagle that I was given nothing would deter me from my dream pet. Obi my first Labrador had and still has a lot to live up to. Of course he has absolutely delivered. I had to fight to get the boy, my husband only wanted a little dog, but I told him it was a yellow Labrador or nothing. So in the end we got Obi. He was the cutest, most independent puppy you have ever met. Too confident for his own good and too smart for us. From day one it was clear that he was a very special boy, who needed to be shared with the world.

Obi used to do crazy things, then look up at you as if to say “it had to be done!” He got away with lots and he still does. I eventually started taking him to school as part of my reward system, to promote respectful behaviour across the school. It worked a real treat. The kids worked hard to get Obi to come in and on those days there was a beautiful calmness across the school Teachers and Kids alike were more peaceful, all because the pure sole of the Labrador. To cut a long story short, Obi was part of the reasoning behind Labs ‘n Life.

Labs ‘n Life was founded five year ago and now works with at risk youth across South Australia (spreading across the country soon!). The young people work to train the Labradors as companion dogs for children with autism. They are responsible for changing the lives of families who desperately need assistance. These kids achieve amazing outcomes every day, all because they work with dogs like Obi. Some of these dogs have been placed with families and really made their lives incredibly different. The core dogs then go on to work with younger children and bring love and happiness into their lives.

That’s just the beginning, but it gives you and idea. Would love some feedback. Until next time – have fun!