Last time I did a blog challenge I wrote a picture book with my five year old. She called the story Magic the Meerkat. It was so much fun and the book she made was great. Her class loved it when the teacher read it. She illustrated and I printed some of her photos from our adventure at Monarto Zoo, which is where she set the story. My daughter gave me all the ideas, I just put the words together and of course she insisted that it rhymed. Just to make it harder. Any way today we went to the normal Zoo and took more photos of meerkats to add to our book. I have decided that it does need work – editing and of course the photos, but I will try and get it published. So in the next twelve months I am going to have two books on the go. My current children’s book  – The Homework Goblin is also at the same stage. The girls are helping me illustrate it, and I am about to send off for editing. So I figure I’ll send Magic off at the same time and see where it takes me.

Here is the introduction, see what you think:

Every morning Magic the Meerkat would climb the tallest tree, to look out on the world, as far as she could see.

One morning before the sun came up, Magic the Meerkat was a very naughty pup.

She dug her way under the fence, and ran off into the grass, so long, green and dense.

Soon Magic heard some noisy chattering. So she ran off to see who was nattering.

Some very playful Chimpanzees, were having fun, jumping and swinging from the trees.

They were large, smelly and quite hairy. Poor little Magic found them very scary.

So off she ran, in search of a much smaller clan.


Looking forward to getting this one going, will post some of The Homework Goblin soon too. Until tomorrow, have fun!